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After each webinar we will post a download of the question and answer sessions that follow each event. You can select the webinar by month below and download a PDF for you reference.

Topic coverd in this webinar

Practical issues for Rental Ringfencing: Can you portfolio with distributions from trusts? Overseas properties included?  What about houses on multi-use blocks?

Donations tax credit - retrospective changes coming soon.  Govt response to Court of Appeal in Roberts confirming forgiveness of debt is OK. So what ‘donations’ will qualify for the credit now?

ACC levies – refunds for shareholder employees being overlooked 

ACC Earners Premium - are these deductible?

Nanny/Au pair costs and Health and Safety costs (eg gym fees for employees) – are these private, deductible and/or subject to FBT?

Income protection and loss of earnings payments - how do we handle GST on these?

Topic coverd in this webinar

Topic coverd in this webinar

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