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Carl Brandt

Carl Brandt

Carl Brandt is one of New Zealand’s leading taxation specialists, providing effective and accurate tax advice to more than 350 accounting and law firms across New Zealand.

With more than 35 years of tax experience there are very few areas of taxation which he does not advise on. Trusted, efficient, reliable and armed with strong technical and analytical skills Carl is known for demystifying complex areas of tax law and find effective solutions for a very wide range of people and organisations.
After 21 years at Inland Revenue in the Legal and Technical Support areas, he joined the tax team at Beattie Rickman in 2002 (which merged with PwC in 2007), leaving in December 2008 to start Brandt Segedin LP, now Carl Brandt Taxation Specialists.

Find out more about Carl on his website carlbrandttax.co.nz

Julie Segedin

Julie Segedin

Julie has lived and breathed taxation for just over 40 years, starting her tax career as a result of gaining an IRD scholarship to become a chartered accountant. She left IRD in 1994 as a Senior Investigating Accountant to join the tax team at Beattie Rickman in Hamilton which later merged with PwC where Julie became a Director in the tax division. She left to set up a specialist tax practice in 2008. Since then she has focused almost exclusively on providing tax specialist advice to other accountants and lawyers of SMEs. Her comprehensive experience on both sides of the ‘tax fence’ combined with her technical dexterity and a flair for cracking puzzles enables Julie to provide practical and innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of tax issues facing the many accountants she works alongside.

Find out more about Julie on her website jstax.co.nz

What's Next

March 2021 Webinar

When: Friday, 26 March 2021 | Time: 10:00AM to 11:30AM

Focus of Content

•      Attribution and Penny & Hooper – time to review and recap with 39% coming, pre 1 April planning issues

•      New Zealanders returning home Part II: Overlap of tax residency v transitional residency for investment income & foreign super exemption. Impact on overseas companies controlled by Migrants. Accounting for FIFs and financial arrangements in the year tax status of a migrant changes 

•      Trusts – new information gathering rules to protect 39%

•      LTCs Entering of Exiting – what happens?

•      Team building expenses – entertainment vs FBT?  What else?

•      Bright-line /Rental Loss ringfencing – owning living with flatmates

•      What Grant Robinson has up his sleeve (if it falls out in the next few weeks) otherwise something else that’s new!

•      Buying the Jetski through the company – FBT issues?

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