Professional Development for New Zealand based Taxation, Accounting & Legal Professionals

2021 Tax Update Webinar Series


Professional Development for New Zealand based Taxation, Accounting & Legal Professionals

The TaxTonic webinar series is designed to keep you up to date with recent tax changes and to give you practical advice on tax issues. Leading taxation specialists Carl Brandt and Julie Segedin share 80 combined years of experience and have united in their mission to demystify the complexities of New Zealand tax law. Find out more about your coaches here.


Why TaxTonic

  • Best value as we pass on our savings on low overheads
  • Engaging 90-minute webinars delving deep into nitty gritty taxation issues
  • Unlimited attendees from your firm per webinar registration
  • All webinar attendees qualify for CPD hours
  • Extensive written answers to your questions
  • Small firms can share costs

What's Next

May 2021 Webinar

When: Friday, 7 May 2021 | Time: 10:00AM to 11:30AM

Focus of Content

The May 2021 webinar will include:

  1. New Rules: Allocation of Sale Price
  2. Trusts – complying trusts which have become foreign, dual trusts - what are the tax issues
  3. Bright-line – 50:50 owners – one sells to the other restart of bright-line for half or whole 
  4. Team building expenses – entertainment vs FBT?  What else?  
  5. LTC issues for Entering, Exiting and changing Shareholding 
  6. Buying the Jetski or E-Bike through the company – FBT issues?
  7. Bright-line / Interest deductions - Main home with flatmates
  8. Inter-company loan remains after sale of business – what to do?




1 Webinar

$215 incl. GST

Access to a single webinar event.


8 Webinars

$1240 incl. GST

Access to all 8 webinar events.


4 Webinars

$640 incl. GST

Access to either the first 4 or last 4 webinar events.


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